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GDPR regulations: What’s changed?

Did you know that the new rules regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect last year on 25 May? Are you aware what the protection laws do and how they have changed? Or even if it affects your business? It replaces the previous 1995 data protection directive. The new 2018 regulation is enforced… Read more »


Mailing lists: Is yours up-to standard?

With the updated General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), have you checked to see whether your mailing list is compliant with the new legislation? The new rulings cover over 99 different areas, so it could be very easy to not realise you are in breach. They have changed the way companies and public sector organisations handle… Read more »


SSL certification: Why it’s crucial for your site

With the ever-expanding evolution of the internet, the need for cyber protection for websites increases as it is matched by the imminent threat of cybercriminals as they get smarter every year. Large companies such as Google have been working against the common, daily threats of the internet by encouraging website owners to use the HTTPS… Read more »


Here’s why you should be investing in SEO

SEO endures as one of the toughest concepts to grasp when it comes to digital marketing (which isn’t helped by its overlapping with social media, content marketing and website usability). While it can be tempting to dismiss SEO as too complicated, too time-consuming or simply too frustrating, here we want to explain why SEO is… Read more »


Social media matters for your business. Here’s why…

92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business. But that’s marketers, right? Those who sit in a large, dedicated marketing department, with products that naturally align with social. If this is your line of thinking, you’re in good company. 68% of small businesses don’t invest in social media– for these brands,… Read more »


Your mobile unfriendly website – we need to talk

Back in 2015, a marketing earthquake struck the world of Google search. With one announcement, the online world was changed forever. That announcement was from Google, which stated that websites that were not ‘mobile-ready’ would soon feel their wrath and be downgraded in their search results in favour for websites that were mobile-ready. This event… Read more »


Working your way through the ranks: Why Google ranking is critical

With the constant buzz around social media and paid online advertising platforms that continue to advance, you could understandably ask: “is Google ranking even relevant anymore?” Well, good question. The short answer is: yes, absolutely! And the long answer is this entire blog article… First, let’s swiftly deal with PPC… Pay Per Click advertising is… Read more »


Five things that are killing your website conversions

Website visitors are seriously tricky beings and the challenge that lies in converting them to fully fledged and paid up customers is not one to be underestimated! For anyone less than an IT expert, understanding how the tiniest of web design elements can be the difference between making a sale, and a potential customer lost… Read more »