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Monthly Archives: January 2018


Using a Blog to Promote Your Business

Having a blog is a great way for your product or service to gain visibility both easily and inexpensively through your own website. A blog not only keeps your presence on the web fresh but lets you keep current customers or clients updated. By updating frequently, and using keyword-rich copy in your blog, you will have the potential to draw in new visitors, who in time, may become regular visitors to your website. Blogging is such a great way to engage and reach out from your website, and here’s how you can successfully use your blog to promote your business.

Create a content plan

For your blog to be valuable to your website, it must be current and fresh. It’s highly important to ensure you’re posting at least once a week in order to keep readers engaged and coming back for more. Sit down, have a think, and come up with an editorial plan. This plan should include how many blogs you plan to post to your website per week, topics that are relevant, and a rough guide to the content required. Yes, you want to stay current, but things change and trends shift, so you don’t always have to stick to your plan. Simply have a rough guide of what you want to achieve from your blog.

When creating an editorial or content plan, always note it down to avoid forgetting topics you decide to cover. Every aspect of the content on your blog should be optimized with keywords, including the titles and tags. It won’t hurt to spend some time researching popular and common keywords in your industry. Just remember to include them into the content naturally!

Share the right content

A blog is a great platform to share stories, facts and pieces of interest through your website – whether they are about your business or not. The following are some examples of engaging copy that your visitors will want to read about:

  • New products and services
  • Tips, guides and advice relating to the industry you’re in – for us, it’s website design (think about how the copy will benefit the reader)
  • Updates of current or completed projects, launches, etc.
  • Positive stories about your business
  • Q&A sessions where you post the answers to common questions in a blog
  • Any business or personal accomplishments or awards
  • Job openings or opportunities within the business.

It’s often a good idea to reach out to readers once a blog is established to find out if there’s anything they think is missing or would like to see.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Every time you publish a blog post, use your social media channels to share the link. You can automate this process if you want to, but some posts may not be relevant to some social media audiences, so think about this first.

Proof, proof, proof!

A final proofread before you publish your post on your website is essential. But even once your post has been published, read through it once more for any errors you didn’t noticed the first time. If you want to be really sure, ask someone else to take a look over it.